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I’m Shubham Jha, Full Stack Developer by profession.

I write code and I make youtube videos

I code and make educational videos. I am proficient in Python, Django, Django Rest Frakework and VueJs. I also lead a tech team. In my free time I like to research, sharpen my skills and also help others to fall in love with coding through my youtube video.

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Shubham Jha
What We Do!

We offer some top notch services

Web Applications

Let the professional handle the Designing, Development, making it live and managing of your web apps.

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  • Tech consultancy

    Stop worrying about tech stack, deployment, scalability. Let me put in my knowledge and expereince in your new product or startup.

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  • Promotion

    Let your perfect product shine in the perfect light on youtube and instagram. Let's discuss about it now.

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  • Hosting

    Solution for all your hosting needs are here, be landing page website, wordpress or web app we got you covered.

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  • Event Talks

    With expereince of multiple event talks, I can surely bring alot in your next event.

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  • Workshops

    I also conduct workshops to help you learn programming languauges.

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    I excel in these areas
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